Friend Share Email

Email is triggered by an Advocate to their Friends from the Advocate Share Page.
The main purpose of this email is to invite a Friend by showing a personal Share Message from Advocate along with a unique Friend Claim Page link. Some information about offer itself is recommended.

Frequently used Variables:

  • Main CTA should point to a Friend Claim Page{{ short_url }}.

  • To show Email Share Message from Advocate use {{ custom_message_body }}.

Friend Share Email


Ideal email width is 480px. This is a most universal width for both mobile and desktop platforms. Read more about email design.

Email sending conditions

By default is sent immediately after the offer is shared, but can be delayed by configuration.

  1. Main email sending criteria (unable to change):

  • Only one email for recipient with the same offer (if Advocate shares twice with one Friend Talkable sends only one share email)