Each Talkable campaign has a set of pages and emails to help you control nearly every step of the refer-a-friend campaign. Such page or email is called a View. You can also control appearance of each View by visiting Appearance:

Campaign Appearance

Understanding Page-Views is easy, just go through the glossary and learn who lands on what Page-View and where. Email-Views are more tricky in terms of understanding when they are sent. All Email-Views must go through a pre-validation step before they are sent:

1. Check if the Campaign View is in use (controlled inside Campaign Rules). Otherwise the email will never be sent.


2. Is the recipient email in a valid email format (i.e. Talkable mail servers can deliver an email to a real recipient)? If so, we move on to campaign specific rules to determine whether or not the email should be sent (see Email sending conditions section inside each Email-View).

After pre-validation Talkable campaign level validation kicks in:

  1. Who is the recipient? Advocate or Friend?

  2. What are the email sending conditions for the campaign?

  3. Time Conditional → send an email in 3 days

  4. Action Conditional → send email after friend purchases

  5. Inaction Conditional → send 2nd email if friend does not purchase

  6. Offer State Conditional → send email only if offer still valid / send email is offer is expired

  7. Customer Attribute Conditional → send email if user is new customer

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