Advanced Features

Talkable provides several optional features that help increase conversions and make your referral program incredibly easy to manage. Here’s an overview of each with links to integration details.

Automatic Coupon Creation Issue single and multi-use coupons automatically for your campaigns
Convert static copy into Localization Convert all static languange into a customizable copy that’s easy to AB test.
Email encryption For additional security, it is possible to encrypt Advocate and Friend e-mails on back-end.
File encryption For additional security, it is possible to encrypt files.
Including Product Items Let your customers share specific items that they’ve purchased and pass product details along with purchase data
Pass custom user data Pass additional data to Talkable to operate with it inside campaigns
Referrals Approval Learn about Talkable Fraud settings, why they are important and how to find a right Fraud Profile that works best for your site.
Segment with Product SKU Show Campaign only to the Advocates who purchase a particular set of product SKUs
Segment with Traffic Source Brings more power and flexibility into segmenting your reporting
Subscribing to Talkable Iframe events Subscribe to Talkable Iframe events such as the campaign is loaded or closed and perform some updates to your site based on them.
Using Regular Expressions Talkable allows you to use regular expressions (regex for short) inside Campaign Placement options so that you can span multiple URLs instead of an exact one.
Using URL Parameters Override some of the parameters right through URL query string
White Labeling Change all visible URLs to your domain instead of