Campaign Types

Encourage customers to share with their friends from anywhere on your site.


Invite campaigns allow site visitors to share with their friends from anywhere on your site. Invite campaigns are both powerful and versatile. Multiple Invite campaigns can be run simultaneously for maximum results.

Campaign Type - Invite

Advocate Dashboard

The Advocate Dashboard allows the Advocate to see a complete overview of their shares and rewards. Seeing an overview of their activity makes Advocates more motivated to share. Advocate Dashboards also reduce Customer Service inquiries as customers can see statuses directly from the dashboard.

Campaign Type - Dashboard

Reward Gleam

A Reward Gleam improves the on-site conversion rate by assisting Friends and Advocates in using their coupons to purchase. When the Friend or Advocate receives a reward and visits your website the coupon code is captured. The code will be highlighted in the Reward Gleam at the bottom of the page.

Campaign Type - Reward Gleam


A Leaderboard turns referrals into a competition. Advocates are ranked on a Leaderboard page based on the number of successful referrals. After an allotted time period, top performers can be identified and rewarded with a grand prize.

Campaign Type - Leaderboard

Tiered Rewards

A Tiered Rewards campaign incentivizes Advocates to share with multiple friends as they are rewarded for subsequent successful referrals. By setting reward goals for Advocates, they are more likely to increase their share rate.

Campaign Type - Tiered Rewards