Friend Claim Page

Friend lands here from Friend Share Email.
Explain him what special discount he will get when using this link.
It’s recommended to show coupon code for the Friend on this page (and only on this page).

Frequently used Variables:

  • Main CTA should point to a merchant site to start shopping {{ proceed_to_merchant_path }}.

  • To show coupon code use {{ coupon_code }}.

  • To show expiration date use {{ valid_until }}. Formatting options.

Friend Claim Page
{% if offer_active %}
  Copy your code: {{ coupon_code }}
  <a href="{{ proceed_to_merchant_path }}">Shop now</a>
  Offer is valid until {{ friend_offer.valid_until | format_date }}.
{% else %}
  Offer expired.
  <a href="{{ proceed_to_merchant_path }}">Proceed without offer</a>
{% endif %}


Do not change name and class attributes, otherwise functionality won’t work. js- class prefix means it is used in Talkable API.

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