Advocate Offer Email

Email is triggered to an Advocate on sign up. Explain the value proposition and encourage Advocate to share using the buttons.

  • For Standalone Campaign it triggers when Advocate signs up.

  • For Post-Checkout Campaign it triggers when Advocate makes store purchase.

Main CTA should point to an Advocate Share Page — {{ share_page_url }}.



Ideal email width is 480px. This is a most universal width for both mobile and desktop platforms. Read more about email design.

Email sending conditions

By default is sent immediately after the offer is created, but can be delayed by configuration.

  1. Talkable creates an offer based on the following criteria:

  • Purchase creation

  • Affiliate member signup. Advocate can sign up manually by entering their email, or their email is passed via JS integration (or URL). For example, a customer signs up to refer-a-friend on a /share page. This triggers an affiliate member signup.

  1. Main email sending criteria (unable to change):

  • If Advocate offer is active