Offers Expiration

Talkable Campaign allows to set offer expiration for Advocate and Friend by specifying specific date or setting offer duration in hours.


  • Advocate deadline - Advocate will no longer be able to share after this date.

  • All existing Advocate offers are always affected if specified date is changed while campaign is live.

  • Advocate Deadline is not copied when campaign is copied.

  • When campaign is deactivated, all Advocate offers instantly become expired because deactivating a campaign is equal to set Advocate offer deadline to now.

  • When Advocate offer is expired, Advocate is still eligible for reward. In other words Advocate offer expiration only prevents Advocate from sharing but not from getting rewarded.

  • This setting doesn’t affect Friend reward in any way.


  • Friend Deadline - Friend will no longer be able to claim the offer after this date.

  • Friend Offer Duration - Friend will no longer be able to claim the offer X hours after Advocate shared it with him. Leave blank to disable expiration at all.

  • All existing Friend offers will be affected if specified date or offer duration is changed while campaign is live.

  • If a deadline and an offer duration are both specified, Friend offer will be expired on the closest date calculated from offer duration or specified in deadline.

  • Friend offer deadline should never be earlier than Advocate offer deadline (because there is no sense to share offer that cannot be claimed).

  • When Friend offer is expired, Friend and Advocate are not able to receive any rewards. But they still may try to use coupon they received earlier because Talkable platform doesn’t control coupon expiration. Only merchant site does that.

  • When campaign is copied only offer duration gets copied, but not deadline.