Advocate Reward Paid EmailΒΆ

Email is triggered to an Advocate when Referral marked as Approved.
Let Advocate know their account has been credited or a partial refund has been issued.

Frequently used Variables:

  • To show Reward Coupon Code use {{ coupon_code }}.

  • Main CTA should point to a merchant site to start shopping {{ proceed_to_merchant_path }}.

Advocate Reward Paid Email

Your credit code: {{ coupon_code }}
<a href="">Spend your credit</a>


Ideal email width is 480px. This is a most universal width for both mobile and desktop platforms. Read more about email design.

Email sending conditions

By default is sent immediately after the reward status turns into Paid, but can be delayed by configuration. This View is available only for Advocate Incentive where Advocate is rewarded after Friend buys using their coupon code.