Post Share Webhook

Talkable Post Share Webhook provides notification of a share event performed within a referral campaign workflow. Use cases for the Post Share Webhook include:

  • Sending automated ‘Thank You’ email to an Advocate for performing a share

  • Any event that should be triggered when a user shares

  • Data for Business Intelligence and analytics systems

When does Talkable call the Post Share Webhook?

Talkable Post Share Webhook is triggered any time an Advocate (referrer) shares offer details with a Friend (referee) via the corresponding form provided by campaign workflow. Which includes any time:

  • An advocate shares with a Friend via Email or any other channel from inside a referral campaign workflow

  • An Advocate copies a share link from a referral campaign workflow share screen

Note: the Post Share Webhook triggers every time a share occurs. For example, if an Advocate shares with a Friend via email (or any channel), then shares with a second Friend via email (or any channel), the Post Share Webhook will be triggered twice.

Payload parameters provided for Post Share Webhook

The sample payload with parameters for Post Share Webhook is available here: Post Share Webhook Payload.

Note contains the email saved at the moment when the campaign is first shown to the Advocate. It could be null. For the most up-to-date information about the Advocate, use sharer_info property which is updated with the email address the Advocate has entered on the Advocate Signup/Share Page.