Advocate Signup Webhook

The Talkable Advocate Signup Webhook notifies your endpoint of an Advocate Signup forms submission.

Use cases for the Advocate Signup Webhook include:

  • Tracking when users select the checkbox to opt into your email newsletter

  • Collection of data for Business Intelligence and analytics systems to track users who become Advocates

  • Sending automated ‘Thank You’ emails after a user becomes an Advocate

When does Talkable call the Advocate Signup Webhook?

Talkable Signup Webhook is triggered any time an Advocate Signup form is submitted. The Advocate Signup form is the standard Name & Email (with optional email subscription checkbox) fields a user submits before becoming an Advocate and sharing an offer with Friends.

Advocate Signup Form example:

Advocate Signup Form,

Payload parameters provided for Advocate Signup Webhook

  • offer — subhash of parameters describing the offer

    • emailAdvocate’s (referrer) email address

    • short_url_code

    • ip_address

  • campaign — subhash of parameters describing the campaign

    • id — unique campaign ID

    • cached_slug — unique SEO friendly ID

    • type — either “StandaloneCampaign” or “DoubleSidedDealCampaign”

    • tag_names — array of campaign’s tags

  • email — affiliate member’s email address

If the Signup form included first and last name fields or subscription checkbox, additional parameters will be present:

  • first_name — affiliate member’s first name

  • last_name — affiliate member’s last name

  • username — affiliate member’s username

  • sub_choice — subscription choice (optional, present only if the form included subscription checkbox)

  • subscribed_at — date affiliate member has subscribed (deprecated; use opted_in_at instead)

  • opted_in_at — date affiliate member has subscribed (optional)

  • unsubscribed_at — date affiliate member has unsubscribed (optional)

  • custom_properties — hash of affiliate member’s custom properties (optional)

  • referral_counts - subhash of Advocate’s referral counts

    • total — created referrals count

    • approved — approved referrals count

    • pending — count of waiting for approval referrals

Sample payload

  "campaign": {
    "cached_slug": 615437538,
    "id": 615437538,
    "new_customer": null,
    "origin_max_age": null,
    "origin_min_age": null,
    "tag_names": ["default"],
    "type": "StandaloneCampaign"
  "email": "",
  "first_name": "John",
  "gender": null,
  "last_name": "Doe",
  "offer": {
    "email": "",
    "short_url_code": "1a2PV",
    "ip_address": ""
  "opted_in_at": null,
  "sub_choice": false,
  "subscribed_at": null,
  "unsubscribed_at": null,
  "referral_counts": {
    "total": 0,
    "approved": 0,
    "pending": 0
  "is_loyalty_member": false,
  "loyalty_member": null

cURL example

curl --data 'key=<key>&site=<site>&type=offer_signup_web_hook&payload={"campaign":{"cached_slug":615437538,"id":615437538,"new_customer":null,"origin_max_age":null,"origin_min_age":null,"tag_names":["default"],"type":"StandaloneCampaign"},"email":"","first_name":"John","gender":null,"last_name":"Doe","offer":{"email":"","short_url_code":"1a2PV","ip_address":""},"opted_in_at":null,"sub_choice":false,"subscribed_at":null,"unsubscribed_at":null,"referral_counts":{"total":0,"approved":0,"pending":0}}' <url>