Create Coupon Webhook

Talkable Create Coupon Webhook enables automatic coupon creation, which eliminates the need to upload coupon lists into the Talkable platform manually. Talkable creates unique coupon codes then passes those codes via the Create Coupon Webhook to the client; it is then up to the client to enable these coupons on their platform.


Create Coupon Webhook and Shopify Coupon auto-sync can be enabled simultaneously. In that case, coupons will be passed via the webhook only after successful Shopify sync.

When does Talkable call the Create Coupon Webhook?

Create Coupon Webhook is called when the quantity of available coupons drops below a Talkable threshold.

This threshold is dynamically calculated based on the number of coupon codes used by the client site in the last 21 days. The threshold ensures the Talkable coupon lists will always hold enough available coupons to serve the site for 21 days, even if the integration were to break. The minimum threshold is 20 coupons.

When the number of coupons available to Talkable drops below the threshold, Talkable will call the Create Coupon Webhook with a payload of 15 new coupons in the background. If a user needs a coupon code, but there are no coupon codes available, Talkable will generate one in the foreground and give it to the user that requested it. In both cases, coupons are sent to the client endpoint as a webhook and then inserted into the Talkable database only when a webhook returns a successful response.

Set Up

The Create Coupon Webhook will add coupons to a specific coupon list on Talkable’s backend. These coupon lists must be set up in the Talkable campaign editor before utilizing the Create Coupon Webhook. Follow the below instructions to set up a coupon list for a campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns then select the campaign you would like to set up coupon list(s) for

  2. Proceed to Rules then scroll down to Incentives section where incentives for both Advocate and Friend can be configured

Edit Referral Incentives
  1. Inside the Referral Incentive Editor choose the Coupon code type: Single-use then select an existing Coupon list or create a new coupon list by clicking Manage Coupon Lists.

  2. Here you’ll be able to Create New and configure a Name, Expiration Date (optional), and Amount ($ or %)

  3. Now go back to RulesIncentivesEdit and select the Reward Amount associated with the list created in step 4 and select the newly created list

  4. Optionally, select Advanced Settings for additional configuration parameters


Coupons created by the Create Coupon Webhook will be added to the coupon list associated with the referral campaign. Multiple referral campaigns can use the same or unique coupon lists. Advocate and Friend referral incentives can also use the same or unique coupon lists.

Once a single-use coupon code list is associated with a campaign, then the Create Coupon Webhook can now be set up. Learn more about General Webhook Set Up Steps

Payload parameters provided by Create Coupon Webhook

The sample payload with parameters for Create Coupon Webhook is available here: Create Coupon Webhook Payload.