Integrating with a Tag Manager

  • Initialization Script in a Tag Manager: Place the Initialization Script in a tag that is visible in the head template on all pages.

  • Post Purchase Integration in a Tag Manager: Since the post purchase integration on the checkout confirmation page requires the Init script to work, you’re welcome to combine the Initialization Script + Post Purchase Script script into a single tag for the checkout confirmation page. In fact this is recommended for Google Tag Manager, when combining the place the Initialization script on top/before the Post purchase script in the tag.

  • Tag Manager Data Layer to Pass Variables: You’ll need to ensure a data layer object is set up to collect and pass the variables to Talkable inside your tag.

  • Troubleshooting: You can use window._talkableq for all talkableq variable instances if you’re having trouble with variable interpolation and need to use a global namespace.