Referral Program via API

This flow helps to integrate with Talkable via API for a default Store or Service. It shows how you can do the following actions via API:

  • Generate Talkable Offer

  • Share An offer via Social Network or Email

  • Build an Offer Claim Page on your side

  • Let Talkable know about Purchase or Event to let it trigger the referral

Each of these steps can be done individually or all together to achieve API integration

Initial Origin

Invite Advocate to referral program at some point by creating an Origin and obtaining Offer to share.

Displaying and Sharing the Offer

Display options for Advocate to share with their Friends.

For Social Share

  • Retrieve unique links for each channel for Offer (claim_urls interpolation)

  • After Advocate have shared, make corresponding request to Shares API

For Email Share

  • Ask Advocate for recipients (and additional information) and make request to Shares API

Claiming an Offer

In order for Friend to get referred, they go to the Claim (or Landing) page by following the share URL.

This is the last step before Friend proceeds to your site or app.

  • Edit your Friend Claim Page template or disable it for immediate redirect

  • Edit the Destination URL in Extra window


You need to pass the visitor uuid variable to your site via the destination URL GET parameter and store it somewhere in order to later pass it with Origin

Example destination URL:{{visitor_uuid}}&utm_source=talkable&…

Submit Origin data to Talkable to generate the Referral

Once any user makes an action that implies a possible close of a referral chain, send an Origin. Please include uuid in this request if possible.

For example, if Friend makes a purchase on your site or installs your app — Advocate needs to be rewarded, and this is achieved with creating Purchase or Event which gets linked to previously created Advocate offer.