Advanced Usage

Overriding default behaviour

  1. Create a new fragment in your app which extends TalkableOfferFragment and override methods there. Example:
import com.talkable.sdk.TalkableOfferFragment;

public class OverriddenTalkableOfferFragment extends TalkableOfferFragment {
    public void copyToClipboard(String string) {

        Toast.makeText(getActivity(), "Text copied!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
  1. Pass classes of an activity you want to run a fragment in and the overriden fragment to Talkable.showOffer call:
Talkable.showOffer(activity, affiliateMember, MyFragmentActivity.class, OverridenTalkableOfferFragment.class);

And change the manifest:

<!-- From -->
<activity android:name="com.talkable.sdk.TalkableActivity" />

<!-- To -->
<activity android:name=".MyFragmentActivity" />


You can just override TalkableOfferFragment and use default TalkableActivity from Talkable SDK. In this case you shouldn’t change the manifest (if you did steps from Getting Started section).
Talkable.showOffer(activity, affiliateMember, TalkableActivity.class, OverridenTalkableOfferFragment.class);

Using TalkableOfferFragment directly

To use instance of TalkableOfferFragment you have to implement TalkableOfferFragmentListener interface from TalkableOfferFragment class inside your activity.

import com.talkable.sdk.TalkableOfferFragment.TalkableOfferFragmentListener;

public class MyActivity implements TalkableOfferFragmentListener {


    public void onOfferClosed() {
        if (mTalkableOfferFragment.isOfferLoaded()) {


Then you should create an origin and pass it to TalkableOfferFragment instance via Bundle. After this you can start using the fragment.

AffiliateMember affiliateMember = new AffiliateMember();

Bundle arguments = new Bundle();
arguments.putParcelable(TalkableOfferFragment.ORIGIN_PARAM, affiliateMember);

TalkableOfferFragment talkableOfferFragment = new TalkableOfferFragment();