Subscribing To Iframe Events

Talkable JS integration script embeds Talkable campaign as an iframe with src attribute starting with domain (or custom domain if the white-labeling is setup).

Due to same-origin policy it is not possible to pass/get any data to the iframe directly. Talkable JS integration library has a built-in subscription mechanism for that which is based on JS window.postmessage method.

In order to subscribe to an iframe Event you need to know id HTML attribute of the Container DIV that holds it, and the Event name. Below is an example of subscription to offer_loaded Talkable iframe Event.

Given we have integrated Campaign for Standalone Placement, its JS-generated HTML tag looks similar to the following:

<div id="talkable-offer">
  <iframe name="talkable-offer" src=""></iframe>

Knowing the container id attribute is talkable-offer the subscription JS will be:

talkable.subscribe("offer_loaded", "talkable-offer", function(data, iframe) {
  alert("Talkable campaign iframe is loaded!");

Notice the callback function with two arguments:

  1. data object — this is the data which gets passed by the iframe upon firing the event. You can use it to receive data from Talkable.

  2. iframe object — this is iframe’s HTML DOM reference

Talkable Events

Talkable campaigns are equipped with the following set of events:

  1. offer_loaded — Talkable iframe DOM ready event which is in fact the very first event that you can use to determine if the iframe is loaded.

  2. responsive_iframe_height — fires every time iframe size gets changed. You can use it to detect changes in iframe size. You can read more here. Previously named as curebit_offer_iframe_broadcast.

  3. offer_close — fires when the close button is clicked. You can use this event to determine when user closes Talkable campaign, it then disappears from the screen.

  4. offer_triggered — Talkable Trigger Widget iframe fires this event when user clicks on it. You can use this event to detect when the main offer iframe is about to show up.

  5. coupon_issued — fires upon issuing coupon code as a reward for sharing. You can use it to determine when the user shares and receives their reward. tells which sharing channel was used and data.coupon_code stores the coupon code value.

  6. share_succeeded — fires each time Advocate shares. tells which sharing channel was used for the share.

  7. email_gating_passed — fires when Friend passes email gating on Friend Claim Page.

  8. email_gating_failed — fires when Friend fails to pass email gating on Friend Claim Page.