Shopify coupon auto-sync

Talkable supports coupon auto-sync for Shopify. This feature allows the automation of code creation and management of Shopify Price Rules, rather than manual code creation and upload to the Talkable Platform.


Shopify coupon auto-sync and Coupon Webhook can be enabled simultaneously. In that case, coupons will be passed via the webhook only after successful Shopify sync.

Get started

Before using coupon auto-sync, you’ll need to install the Talkable Shopify app (Settings → Shopify Integration → Authorize).

To enable coupon auto-sync in a coupon list, go to the coupon list edit/create page (All reports → Coupon lists) and check “Enable Coupon List Shopify Auto-Sync”. If this checkbox is disabled (you are unable to check/uncheck it), it means that your user doesn’t have rights for this site or Shopify Integration is not authorized.


Talkable uses a Shopify Price Rule ID (if present) to determine where to upload newly generated coupons. It is recommended to leave it blank when creating coupon lists. If blank, Talkable will create a Price Rule based on coupon list configuration and store its ID in the coupon list. When you try to create a coupon list with a 100% discount you have to provide a Price Rule ID manually. That was made for preventing mistakes in the PriceRule setup.

Please see Advanced features for more information about Shopify Price Rule ID.

What is Price Rule?

A price rule is the closest thing to Talkable coupon lists in Shopify. It defines the properties and applicability of associated coupon codes. You can read more on the Shopify site here.

What attributes will the auto-generated Price Rule have?

Talkable applies the below coupon list settings onto Price Rule:

Coupon list attribute

Price rule attribute (as in API)

Price rule attribute (as in interface)




Discount type



Expiration date


End date

Minimum subtotal


Minimum purchase amount

Some other Price Rule attributes that we set when generating Price Rule:

Price Rule attribute


Attribute effect


e.g. “Talkable single-use coupons $10”

Describes Price Rule.



The price rule applies to the cart’s line items.



The price rule applies the discount to all line items in the checkout.



The calculated discount amount will be applied across the entitled items. For example, for a price rule that takes $15 off, the discount will be applied across all the entitled items.



Each discount code can be used exactly once.



The price rule is valid for all customers.


Time of coupon list creation

The date and time when the price rule starts.

Why aren’t there any coupons created for my auto-synced list?

Auto-sync generates and uploads coupons when there is demand for them. That means that nothing will happen until the first reward is requested from a specific coupon list. When this happens, Talkable will generate a code and sync it with Shopify, while scheduling a refill task that will generate a set of codes in advance. This logic is triggered every time a coupon is issued, so there will always be some coupons available for future rewards.

Advanced features

Shopify Price Rule ID

Talkable allows you to assign a custom Price Rule ID to a coupon list. This might be helpful if you want to deviate from our default Price Rule settings, e.g. restrict codes to a group of customers or group of products.

It is recommended to create a new Price Rule in Shopify if there is a need to use a custom one, instead of editing the Price Rule generated by Talkable.


Talkable validates the Price Rule attached to a coupon list. There are certain Price Rule attributes that must match the coupon list configuration. These include:

value - must correspond to coupon list amount

value_type - must correspond to coupon list type

ends_at - must be greater than or equal to coupon list expiration (and absent if coupon list has no expiration)

prerequisite_subtotal_range - must match coupon list minimum subtotal

If the Price Rule passes validation, it can be attached to a coupon list and will be used as a new destination for all the coupons created from that moment on.


All previously generated coupons will retain the attributes of the Price Rule that was used at the point at which they were created (auto-synced).

Shopify Price Rule Changed Email Notification

If you modify a Price Rules on Shopify, it could make them incompatible with the coupon lists they are attached to. In order to find out about such changes as early as possible, we have a daily monitoring job that checks that Price Rules have no critical differences from respective coupon lists.

Attributes that are checked in this job are the following:

  • usage_limit - must always be 1

  • value - must correspond to coupon list amount

  • value_type - must correspond to coupon list type

  • ends_at - must be greater than or equal to coupon list expiration (and absent if coupon list has no expiration)

  • prerequisite_subtotal_range - must match coupon list minimum subtotal

If any of these attributes differ from what they are expected to be and Talkable cannot fix that by updating a coupon list (see Coupon list sync), Talkable sends an email notification.

Once the Price Rule becomes critically different from the coupon list it is assigned to, the coupon list is no longer editable. Please fix the issues listed in the email notification to remedy this situation.

Coupon list sync

Talkable tries to keep up with the Price Rules assigned to coupon lists when/if Price Rules change.

As long as the Price Rule is otherwise valid for a coupon list, we update the coupon list’s:

expiration date - only if Price Rule end date is further in the future (or absent)

minimum subtotal


If there are any other changes in the Price Rule that make it not suitable for a certain coupon list, we won’t sync the coupon list. In this case, a Shopify Price Rule Changed Email Notification will be delivered and action will be required to fix the issue.

This sync is performed daily. Do not expect an immediate change to be reflected after a Price Rule update.