Including Product Items

You can also add product specific tracking to Talkable which will let your customers share specific items that they’ve purchased. Customer shares with products have higher click through and conversion rates.

Below is an example with product items passed along with purchase data (notice FOR loop):

<!-- Begin Talkable integration code -->
<div id="talkable-offer"></div>

  var _talkable_purchase_items = [];

  // Start for loop
    product_id: 'sku1', // Required — Item Product ID
    price: '199.00', // Required — Item Unit Price
    quantity: '1', // Required — Item Quantity
    title: 'Awesome Product', // Optional — Name of product
    url: '', // Optional — URL for product
    image_url: '' // Optional — URL for product image
  // End for loop

  var _talkable_data = {
    purchase: {
      order_number: '100011', // Required - Order number
      subtotal: '23.97', // Required - Purchase Subtotal
      coupon_code: 'SAVE20', // Required - Coupon code used at checkout, multiple coupons allowed as JS array: ['SAVE20', 'FREE-SHIPPING']. Pass null if when no coupon code was used at the checkout.
      items: _talkable_purchase_items

  _talkableq.push(['register_purchase', _talkable_data]); // Pass data to Talkable and show Post Purchase campaign as a result
<!-- End Talkable integration code -->


All product items are included into Purchase details inside Purchases report. This information is helpful for debugging.