Pass Custom User DataΒΆ

custom_properties is a variable that allows you to pass custom data to Talkable in the form of Key-Value pairs via integration.

custom_properties has robust uses as you are able to define and pass any key value pairs you wish.

The values you define for some key should be JSON Key-Value pairs themselves, this means complex data structures can be passed through.

Any custom_properties data passed through is tied to the Advocate or the Friend, that means there is only one instance of each field in existence at any time: the most recently passed data.

All data associated with custom_properties is available for use across all Campaign Views. Accessing this data beings by creating a variable to store your custom_properties:

{% assign data = advocate_custom_properties %}


{% assign data = friend_custom_properties %}

Key Value pairs can be referenced through your newly created object by referencing the value name such as:

{{ data.favorite_color }}

Defining custom_properties in your integration might look something like this:

var _talkable_data = {
  custom_properties: {
    person_occupation: 'marketing',
    height: '72 inches',
    eye_color: 'brown',
    birthday: '07/03/1983'