By default, Talkable works in a single-currency mode. The main currency is chosen during the account setup.

However, the multi-currency mode can be enabled for a site. In multi-currency mode, the referral campaigns allow Advocates and Friends to choose their preferred currency, and the incentives can be configured to offer different rewards based on the preferred currency. Every purchase and/or event should have a currency specified. The dashboard and reports can be filtered by currencies, and the values can be converted to a currency of your choice.


Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable multi-currency. Note that in this mode, the integration should pass currency data with every purchase.

Passing currency with the purchase or event

Currency is required to be specified if multi-currency mode is enabled for a site.

Please pass the currency using the currency_iso_code argument to the register_purchase function. The code must be in ISO 4217 format, e.g. “USD”.

More on the integration of purchases

Incentives for different currencies

In multi-currency mode, the following incentive details can be configured per currency:

  • incentive amount

  • coupon list or multi-use coupon

  • subtotal minimum and maximum

A reward for an Advocate or a Friend will be issued based on their preferred currency. If none specified, the main site currency will be used.


Preferred currency

Talkable allows storing an Advocate’s or Friend’s preferred currency. The selected currency can be accessed in Liquid in the [[ preferred_currency ]] variable.


Currencies on dashboard

Dashboard tiles have two helpful configuration options for multi-currency setup:

  • filter events by currencies (“Segment Currency”)

  • convert all amounts to one currency (“Reporting Currency”)



Conversion rate for a specific currency is actualized daily (data taken from open exchange rates) and cached for the accuracy of historical data. So a purchase amount is converted according to its creation date’s conversion rate.

Currencies in reports

Several tools can be used for multi-currency sites to make reporting more flexible.

Available options in Metrics Aggregation Report:

  • segmentation by currencies

  • filter by the currency of the purchase/event

  • select a currency to convert the amounts to



If a currency to convert to is not specified, the site currency is used for conversion.

Available options in Purchases and Events reports:

  • filter by the currency of the purchase/event

  • select a currency to convert the amounts to


The options list in the currency filter consists of all the currencies passed to Talkable along with the purchases/events. If you can’t find a currency in the list, it means Talkable never received a purchase/event with such currency.