Use case #2:
Where is Advocate reward?

Advocates will receive an email with their reward for each qualified Friend they refer. In most cases this email will contain a coupon or gift card code that the Advocate can redeem. In order to check on the status of a particular reward, all we have to do is see if the email has been sent to the Advocate.

Here are the steps we will take:

  1. Enter in Stephanie’s email (if not entered already).

  2. Navigate to “Emails” tab.

  3. Look for “Advocate Reward Paid Email”.

  4. Click on Details.

  5. Provide information to the customer from the details page.


Email delivery

Navigate to ‘Emails’ tab after entering in Stephanie’s email. The “Emails” tab shows all emails sent to the Advocate about the referral program. Look for the “Advocate Reward Paid Email”. There may be multiple emails like this.


To ensure we find the desired email we need to go back to the referral details and see a referral approval date:


Navigating back to the “Emails” tab. Look for “Advocate reward paid email” from the same campaign that the referral dated 04/16/2015 or a few days later. There is a suitable email with status ‘Clicked’ 04/17/2015:


Click on ‘Details’ and compare the referral creation date with the email created date to ensure that we found the desired email:


In this case we can see the email was delivered and that the Advocate successfully opened the email and clicked through on the CTA inside the email.

There may be cases when the delivered status has a timestamp, however the opened status is blank. It will mean that the recipient has not yet opened the email. In this case you would instruct the user to search their inbox and see if they can find the email. You can also tell them the email address in the “From” field which may help them in their search.

If they still can’t find the email you may click the “Resend now” button on the email ‘Details’ page and the same email will be sent to the recipient email again.

Here is what email statuses mean:

  • Sent: Talkable was able to compose an email and pass it to the Talkable ESP to prepare for delivery.

  • Delivered: Talkable ESP was able to send an email to the recipient (Stephanie).

  • Opened: Stephanie has opened the email.

  • Clicked: Stephanie has clicked on the CTA inside the email.

  • Scheduled: the email will be sent on a specified date.

  • Rejected: the email was rejected by some reason.