This is a connection between an Advocate and a Friend who completed a referral purchase from the Advocate’s invite (a share). A referral will not be created unless the following 3 pieces are known: Advocate Email, Friend Email, and a Purchase made by a Referred Friend. Each referral is passed through several fraud checks (configured inside Fraud Settings). As a result of the fraud checks each referral status can be:

  1. In progress: Talkable referral engine is processing the referral. Such action usually takes less than a second so it is highly unlikely that you will see this status. No rewards are issued at this point.

  2. Pending: a referral is pending approval. Talkable referral engine approves pending referrals automatically with a delay set under fraud settings. A user can also approve a referral manually until the auto-approval happens. Thus, if the referral fraud checks were passed successfully each referral will eventually become approved. No rewards are issued up until approval.

  3. Flagged: due to having many different options to configure referral fraud checks, it is not always possible to set up an automatic resolution for each referral. For such cases, you may want to Flag referrals that are in a so-called grey area, where the chance of fraud is around 50% and it is impossible to make the decision automatically. All flagged referrals are added to a queue and can be accessed inside CSP → Referrals. No rewards are issued at this point. All flagged referrals will be automatically resolved to either voided or approved status, depending on the fraud settings configuration. It is recommended to void flagged referrals automatically so you can only approve valid ones manually. As a result this can save lots of time as most flagged referrals are rather suspicious than valid.

  4. Approved: this is a valid referral status which either gets set by the Talkable referral engine or by a user. Flagged referrals can also turn to approved. All rewards associated with the referral are then passed to the next stage to verify if they can be issued.

  5. Voided: this status is set by a user manually if they decide a referral is invalid and there should be no rewards issued as a result. Only pending and flagged referrals can be voided. Talkable referral engine cannot set this status automatically. All rewards associated with the referral are getting blocked as a result.

  6. Blocked: when some fraud checks are failed Talkable referral engine blocks the referral immediately. All rewards associated with the referral are getting blocked as a result.


This is what the person gets as a result of some action (incentive). Available reward statuses:

  • Pending: the reward is awaiting referral approval.

  • Waiting for coupon: there are not enough coupons left to pay the reward. The reward will remain in a ‘waiting’ status until more coupons are uploaded into the associated coupon list.

  • Given: the reward was paid to the person but Talkable does not have information as to whether it was used or not. Most likely it was not yet used.

  • Voided: the reward was voided because the referral was voided by a user manually.

  • Blocked/No reward: there was no reward created either because the associated referral was blocked according to Fraud Settings or because of other reasons: incentive criteria has blocked it, or the person was blocklisted.