Gleam Placement

Gleam Placement is a special Placement for Reward Gleam type of Campaign. It’s shown as a tiny banner at the bottom of all your site pages by default. Any of your customers who visit your site and already have a reward coupon will see their personal coupon codes in the Gleam.

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Integration instructions

Gleam Placement doesn’t require any additional integration. If you have already added Talkable to your main layout (completed General Integration for Custom platform, or installed Shopify, Magento, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud extensions), then you are all done.
Note: For Magento site just make sure the Gleam is enabled in the Talkable extension settings in your Magento Admin Panel.

Go ahead and create your Reward Gleam Campaign. Once it is launched your customers, that have been rewarded in other Campaigns, will see their coupon codes in a Gleam on all pages of your site.