This is a custom integration that can be implemented with extra effort. If you wish to integrate this vendor,
please contact your Customer Success Manager to apply it to your campaigns.

Talkable converts customers into brand advocates by enabling trusted, word-of-mouth referrals. Attentive connects with customers on the most engaging channel: SMS.

Together, Talkable and Attentive drive personalized brand engagement and the acquisition of high-value, loyal customers.

Use cases:

  1. Capture phone numbers through Talkable to seamlessly grow your SMS subscriber list. The integration automatically passes these numbers to your Attentive messaging flow.

  1. Promote refer-a-friend to your SMS list to facilitate increased sharing. Mobile messages have a 99% open rate.

Sample SMS triggered post-purchase:

Thanks for your recent purchase! A referral from you would mean a lot to us! Share ‘Brand name’ with friends & we’ll share $10 with you 😃

  1. Trigger referral messages through SMS for increased engagement.

For example, send advocates their referral reward via text to increase redemptions and repeat shoppers.

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