Magento 1.x Integration


You must have Talkable account in order to get started

A Magento Talkable extension (direct download) is available for easy integration. The extension currently supports Magento versions 1.5+

  1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel (usually located at We will install the Talkable extension using Magento Connect Manager. Go to SystemMagento ConnectMagento Connect Manager. You may be required to log in again:

  2. Copy the extension key: → then paste it into an extension key input field (2) and click Install (3). In the table below you should see a status “Ready to install”, hit Proceed (4):


    You should see the console window indicate successful installation.

  3. After the extension has been installed, you must enable the extension and set your Talkable Site ID. Click the Return to Admin link and navigate to SystemConfiguration:


    Note: If you have more than one store, set the Current Configuration Scope on the top left to the store you want to enable Talkable on. Note this must be a Magento “Website”, not a “Store view”.

  4. In the left sidebar navigation click on TalkableExtension Options tab:

  5. Then, enter your Talkable Site ID. You can copy it from the integration page inside Talkable, or on your Talkable Site Dashboard:


    Note: If you see an error opening Talkable extension settings, please re-login to Admin Panel and try again.

    Click Save Config to save your changes.

  6. Go back to Talkable Integration page and click “Verify Integration” button:



In case you cannot find Talkable extension in the sidebar try clearing cache:

  • In Admin Panel, go to SystemCache Management.

  • Click Flush Magento Cache.

  • Then click Select All, select action “Refresh” and click Submit.