Manual Shopify integration

  1. Pass Shopify authorization

  2. You will be redirected to your Shopify store, log in and click the Install button

  3. After successful installation you will be redirected back to Talkable

  4. Click “Integrate manually“

  5. Set up Referral Integration manually

  6. Then navigate to:

    • Open Themes / Templates

    • Click “Add a new template“

    • Create a new template for page called loyalty

    • Paste the following code inside layout:

    {% if shop.customer_accounts_enabled %}
       <div id="talkable-loyalty"></div>
    {% endif %}
    • Click “Save”

  7. Then navigate to:

    • Open Online Store / Pages

    • Click “Add page“

    • Add title loyalty

    • Select Theme template loyalty

    • Click “Save”


User accounts. The website must support user accounts since the loyalty program is only available to logged in users.