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We offer separate integration script for each Enterprise site. This allows us to better support integration individually.

Please contact us if you are planning to integrate your Enterprise site.

1. Add Talkable to Your Site

In order to integrate Talkable campaign(s) on your site you need to set the following script into HEAD tag inside your main layout which is used on every page. This is initialization of the Talkable JS integration library:

<!-- Begin Talkable integration code -->
  window._talkableq = window._talkableq || [];
  _talkableq.push(['init', {
    site_id: 'YOUR-TALKABLE-SITE-ID' // Required - Talkable Site ID, you can find it on the Dashboard inside Talkable upon login

  _talkableq.push(['authenticate_customer', {
    email: '', // Optional - Customer email, it is recommended to always pass it when available
    first_name: 'Name', // Optional - Customer first name
    last_name: 'Surname' // Optional - Customer last name
<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- End Talkable integration code -->

2. Add Talkable Campaigns

Campaign Placements are the places (pages) on your site where the Campaigns are shown to your customers. There are four Placements types at Talkable.


Campaign will show up on the standalone page on your site, for example:
Campaign will be embedded as an inline block usually between Header and Footer.

Learn more about Standalone Placement

Post Purchase

Campaign will show up upon successful purchase made by the customer on your site. Usually this is an order confirmation page after checkout. The campaign will look like a popup with an overlay and a close button.

Learn more about Post Purchase Placement

Floating Widget

Campaign will show up on every page as a floating button in a corner of the screen so customers are able to access Talkable campaigns from anywhere on your site. Clicking on a Floating Widget Campaign expands the full Campaign view that looks like a popup with an overlay and a close button.

Learn more about Floating Widget Placement


Campaign will show up on every page as a floating bar that shows your customers their coupon codes after they have been rewarded within any other of your Talkable Campaigns.

Learn more about Gleam Placement

The list of Campaign Placements available for your site is located inside your User menu. There you can change your existing Placements, add new, and manage their Campaigns.

Managing Placements. By default you already have all four types of Placements created for you automatically. Campaigns that you create will attach to one of these Placements based on their types. If you want you can create new Standalone Placement for your site matching another URL and attach another Standalone Campaigns there. Note: Placements are strictly tied to their Campaign types. You cannot attach Post Purchase Campaign to Standalone Placement because it expects Campaigns that are going to be embedded not being shown as a popup.

Priority. The Placements in the list are ordered by priority. In order to show a Campaign Talkable matches the URL of a Campaign Placement inclusion (marked as “Shown on”) and a URL that comes with each request that users initiate, for example: https://[your-site]/share. Whenever multiple Campaign Placements fit the requested URL Talkable picks the first Placement that sits up top out of the suitable ones. Other Placements that sit below it are ignored in this case.

Exclusion. It is possible to indicate on which specific pages the Campaigns attached to the Placement should not be shown. It allows you to show the Campaign on all pages of your site except few specified in “Hidden on” section.

Campaigns Rotating. It worth mentioning that you can also attach multiple Campaigns into one Placement. In this case Talkable will always show only one Campaign based on a random rotation. This mechanism is useful if you want to compare which Campaign has higher referral conversion rate by changing Incentives or other referral pieces in the other Campaign.

Advanced Features

Here is a full list of Advanced Talkable features.