This API allows you to access visitor rewards.

GET /rewards

Returns rewards.

Parameter Description
site_slug Your Talkable Site ID. You can get this from your Talkable dashboard after you log in and create a site.
visitor_uuid Visitor uuid
status (optional)

Filter rewards by status. By default API returns only Paid rewards.

Options: Paid, Unpaid, Voided, All



Sample response:

  "ok": true,
  "result": {
    "rewards": [
        "id": 22017,
        "reason": "shared",
        "incentive_type": "discount_coupon",
        "incentive_description": "shared coupon \"10_OFF\" for $10.00 off",
        "incentive_custom_description": null,
        "amount": 10.0,
        "coupon": {
          "id": 95012,
          "code": "10_OFF",
          "active": true,
          "valid_until": null,
          "single_use": true,
          "used": false,
          "usages": 0,
          "amount": 10.0,
          "percentage_discount": false,
          "description": "$10.00",
          "expires_at": null
        "coupon_code": "10_OFF",
        "status": "Paid"
        "id": 22018,
        "reason": "referrer",
        "incentive_type": "rebate",
        "incentive_description": "$10.00 back",
        "amount": 10.0,
        "coupon": null,
        "coupon_code": null,
        "status": "Paid"