Unsubscribe Webhook

Talkable Unsubscribe Webhook provides notification of a user unsubscribing from Talkable sent referral email.

Use cases for the Unsubscribe Webhook include:

  • Unsubscribing users from in-house marketing newsletters when user unsubscribes from Talkable referral emails
  • Any event that should be triggered when a user unsubscribes from Talkable referral emails

When does Talkable call the Unsubscribe Webhook?

Talkable Unsubscribe Webhook is called any time a user unsubscribes from a Talkable sent email.

Payload parameters provided

  • person — subhash of parameters describing the person
    • first_name — person’s first name
    • last_name — person’s last name
    • email — person’s email address
    • username — person’s username
    • unsubscribed_at — date person has unsubscribed
    • subscribed_at — date person has subscribed (deprecated; use opted_in_at instead)
    • opted_in_at — date person has subscribed
    • sub_choice — subscription choice
    • custom_properties — hash of person’s custom properties (optional)

Sample payload

  "person": {
    "first_name": "Bob",
    "last_name": "Smith",
    "email": "referrer@example.com",
    "username": "username",
    "unsubscribed_at": null,
    "subscribed_at": "2018-09-27T22:55:13.860+03:00",
    "opted_in_at": "2018-09-27T22:55:13.860+03:00",
    "sub_choice": true

cURL example

curl --data 'key=<key>&payload={"person":{"first_name":"Bob","last_name":"Smith","email":"referrer@example.com","username":"username","unsubscribed_at":null,"subscribed_at":"2018-09-27T22:55:13.860+03:00","opted_in_at":"2018-09-27T22:55:13.860+03:00","sub_choice":true}}' <url>