Event Webhook

The Talkable Event Webhook notifies your endpoint that an Event or a Purchase has been registered with Talkable.

Use cases for the Event Webhook include:

  • Capturing purchases and custom referral events generated by the customer (e.g. added data to profile or renewed a subscription)
  • Tracking coupon codes used for purchases
  • Using Talkable events to trigger custom workflows (e.g. add a custom property to a customer who just cancelled a subscription)

When does Talkable call the Event Webhook?

Talkable calls the Event Webhook any time an Event or a Purchase is registered either via the front-end Talkable integration or using the Talkable backend API.

Payload parameters provided

  • origin — subhash of data describing the event that triggered the webhook.

    • type
      • “Purchase” for purchases.
      • “Event” for custom events.

    For Purchase:

    • email - email address associated with the Purchase
    • order_number - unique identifier of the Purchase
    • customer_id - unique external identifier of a customer who made the purchase
    • subtotal - order subtotal for the purchase
    • coupon_code - coupon code used with the purchase

    For Event:

    • email - email address associated with the Event
    • event_category - identifier of an action that trigger the Event (e.g. app_installed)
    • event_number - unique identifier of the Event within the associated event_category
    • customer_id - unique external identifier of a customer who triggered the event
    • subtotal - optional monetary attribute of the Event
    • coupon_code - optional coupon code associated with the Event
  • person - subhash of data describing the person who triggered the event

    • email — person’s email address
    • first_name — person’s first name
    • last_name — person’s last name
    • username — person’s username (optional)
    • sub_choice — subscription choice (optional, present only if the form included subscription checkbox)
    • subscribed_at — date person has subscribed (deprecated; use opted_in_at instead)
    • opted_in_at — date person has subscribed (optional)
    • unsubscribed_at — date person has unsubscribed (optional)
    • custom_properties — hash of person’s custom properties (optional)
    • referral_counts - subhash of Advocate’s referral counts
      • total — created referrals count
      • approved — approved referrals count
      • pending — count of waiting for approval referrals

Sample payload | Event

  "origin": {
    "id": 289738874,
    "type": "Event",
    "event_number": "953205549",
    "event_category": "webhook-test",
    "subtotal": 91.52,
    "customer_id": "865955119",
    "order_date": "2019-04-11T07:26:17.272-07:00",
    "coupon_code": "WHT28499",
    "ip_address": ""
  "person": {
    "first_name": "Bob",
    "last_name": "Smith",
    "email": "referrer@example.com",
    "username": "username",
    "unsubscribed_at": null,
    "subscribed_at": "2019-04-11T07:25:17.272-07:00",
    "opted_in_at": "2019-04-11T07:25:17.272-07:00",
    "sub_choice": true

cURL example | Event

curl --data 'key=<key>&site=<site>&type=event_web_hook&payload={"origin":{"id":998181034,"type":"Event","event_number":"352670218","event_category":"webhook-test","subtotal":21.36,"customer_id":"472735863","order_date":"2019-04-16T06:20:47.079-07:00","coupon_code":"WHT65226","ip_address":""},"person":{"first_name":"Bob","last_name":"Smith","email":"referrer@example.com","username":"username","unsubscribed_at":null,"subscribed_at":"2019-04-16T06:19:47.079-07:00","opted_in_at":"2019-04-16T06:19:47.079-07:00","sub_choice":true}}' <url>

Sample payload | Purchase

  "origin": {
    "id": 654689661,
    "type": "Purchase",
    "order_number": "426692385",
    "subtotal": 29.39,
    "customer_id": "162638070",
    "order_date": "2019-04-11T07:28:31.258-07:00",
    "coupon_code": "WHT79679",
    "ip_address": ""
  "person": {
    "first_name": "Bob",
    "last_name": "Smith",
    "email": "referrer@example.com",
    "username": "username",
    "unsubscribed_at": null,
    "subscribed_at": "2019-04-11T07:27:31.258-07:00",
    "opted_in_at": "2019-04-11T07:27:31.258-07:00",
    "sub_choice": true

cURL example | Purchase

curl --data 'key=<key>&site=<site>&type=event_web_hook&payload={"origin":{"id":654689661,"type":"Purchase","order_number":"426692385","subtotal":29.39,"customer_id":"162638070","order_date":"2019-04-11T07:28:31.258-07:00","coupon_code":"WHT79679","ip_address":""},"person":{"first_name":"Bob","last_name":"Smith","email":"referrer@example.com","username":"username","unsubscribed_at":null,"subscribed_at":"2019-04-11T07:27:31.258-07:00","opted_in_at":"2019-04-11T07:27:31.258-07:00","sub_choice":true}}' <url>