E-Commerce Integration

Getting Started

First of all please choose your platform, we make things really easy if you integrate via official Talkable extension:

  1. Shopify
  2. Magento
  3. Custom platform

How It Works?


Talkable integrates with e-commerce platforms or custom web sites through JavaScript calls to Talkable API. But most customers can integrate quickly without knowing how to code.

The standard integration provides end-to-end referral tracking that has two steps:

  1. Opening the referral loop — this is a place from where Advocate invites their Friend. This step is a starting point of the referral program. It can be either a standalone page somewhere on your website from where all the sharing is done or a post purchase popup on the order confirmation page so that each customer who buys can participate in the referral program as Advocate.
  2. Closing the referral loop — it is not customer facing piece, it only creates Advocate and Friend relation which is called “Referral”. At this point Talkable checks the referral for fraud and makes decision as to rewarding Advocate for successful referral or blocking it, based on fraud setup.

Getting Additional Help

If you need help integrating Talkable, or you’re an enterprise client looking for integration services, feel free to contact us.