Variables are used to show dynamic data like Campaign tag, Advocate info, etc.
All Variables are enclosed into {{ }} which means Liquid Output.

Each Campaign View has its own set of Variables located inside Editor navigation:

Variables: menu item

Each Variable is represented with Name, Liquid notation, Value:

Variables: variable
  • Name describes meaning of the Variable
  • Notation explains how to write Variable inside Template/Styles editor area
  • Value shows what this particular Variable results with (Value may be different between preview and production scenarious)

{{ advocate_info }}

Available in: all Views
Type: Object

Personal data for Advocate.

Property Value Description
email Advocate email he is registered with
first_name “John” Advocate first name provided on Signup
last_name “Smith” Advocate last name provided on Signup
external_customer_id “1jsh17136” Advocate unique ID passed by Merchant to Talkable Integration as customer_id
sub_choice false | true Advocate custom parameter which can be used to pass additional data to Advocate Share Page.
purchases_count 0 Advocate number of tracked store purchases

{{ advocate_origin }}

Available in: all Views
Type: Object

Origin data for Advocate.

Property Value Description
id 1234567890 Advocate origin id
new_customer false | true Advocate is a new customer or not
created_at “2016-07-27T00:00:00.000+03:00” Time when Advocate origin was created
event_category “purchase” Advocate origin event category
coupon_codes [“AD_DISCOUNT”] Coupon codes that are used in Advocate origin “United States” Advocate geolocation country based on their IP address “San Jose” Advocate geolocation city based on their IP address
location.country_code “US” Advocate geolocation country code based on their IP address

{{ coupon_code }}

Available in: Friend Claim Page, Advocate Redemption Email, Advocate Reward Paid Email
Type: String

Coupon Code is given to a person as a Reward based on Incentive (condition of giving out the Reward).

When you want to use this Variable always keep in mind who you want to show it to because it has a scope:

  • for Views which name starts with Advocate it means Advocate Coupon Code
  • for Views which name starts with Friend it means Friend Coupon Code
Variables: friend coupon code

Make sure Incentives are correct:

  • If its single-use Coupon Code, make sure Coupon List exist and it has enough coupons and they are valid in terms of uniqueness and validity
  • If its multi-use Coupon Code, make sure it has a correct value
Variables: coupon list

{{ incentives }}

Available in: all Views
Type: Object

Reflects entire Campaign Incentives list including. This object can include several Incentives which are also objects.

Here is an example of {{ incentives }} Variable with two incentives: Advocate and Friend:

  advocate: {
    amount: 10.0,
    description: "$10",
    percentage: false
  friend: {
    amount: 100.0,
    description: "100%",
    percentage: true

And here is an example of using {{ incentives }} values:

Give your friend {{ incentives.friend.description }} OFF!

Which outputs:

Give your friend 100% OFF!
Property Value Description
Liquid slug “referrer” Incentive identifier
amount 50.0 Incentive amount (float)
description “$50” Formatted Incentive including currency and amount
percentage true | false Type of Incentive amount: fixed or percentage
required_actions 0 Number of required actions to trigger reward (i.e. 2 purchases needed to trigger reward)