Campaign Types

Campaign Types exist to support different goals of your Referral Marketing activities.
Campaign Type also defines which layout the Campaign’s view pages have.


Invite campaigns are powerful and versatile. They increase the number of new customers by giving anyone an opportunity to invite their Friends from various high traffic locations on the website as well as outside the website. You can set up multiple Invite campaigns to run simultaneously.

Campaign Type - Invite,

Advocate Dashboard

The Advocate Dashboard campaigns provide Advocates a great insight on each of their shares as well as their associated rewards. Advocates are motivated to share more to achieve more rewards and can do that directly from their Dashboards.

Campaign Type - Dashboard,

Reward Gleam

The Reward Gleam improves the on-site conversion rate by assisting Friends and Advocates in using their coupons to purchase. When the Friend or Advocate gets a reward and goes to your website the Reward Gleam captures the coupon code and displays it in a highlight bar at the bottom of the page. This type of campaign focuses on both Friends and Advocates and can be the perfect addition to any of your other campaigns.

Campaign Type - Reward Gleam,


The Leaderboard turns your campaign into a competition and inspires the Advocate to share more to get to the top of the leaderboard. You can easily detect your top performers and have special rewards for them.

Campaign Type - Leaderboard,

Tiered Rewards

The Tiered Rewards campaign allows you to encourage Advocates gradually by tiering the rewards. Advocates are incited to continue sharing after they receive the first reward in order to achieve the higher value one.

Campaign Type - Tiered Rewards,